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Beauty and makeup DIYs

If you are looking for new ways to rock your current makeup looks, we have the best beauty hacks for you. We show you how to create amazing makeup looks if you are a beginner makeup artist, and even how to create your own makeup products by repurposing the ones you currently have. In addition, we have some cool hair hacks to make your look on fleek, and towards the end of this video, we show you how to create your own beauty masks.

– If you would like to make your body look more toned with abs but you didn’t have the time to work out. We show you a brilliant contouring hack to make it appear that you have a six pack using a contouring stick.

– If you have a shimmery eyeshadow palette that you accidentally broke, don’t throw it away, you can create a beautiful rainbow highlighter with it that you can wear to put extra grow to your makeup look. Simply scoop some of the eyeshadow colors out and transfer them into an empty makeup container vertically. Then, add some rubbing alcohol in the makeup pan and then place a paper towel on top. Finally using a coin press your newly made highlighter down and voila. You just created your own custom made highlighter.

– If you think that your mascara has run out, don’t throw it away before trying this hack. Simply add a few drops of lens solution in your mascara, this will force the dry mascara liquid to become more lose and you can re-use it.

– You can also make your own lipgloss using this trick. Take your favorite color lipstick and transfer it into a small makeup container. Then add some coconut oil and mix the two together really well. Then dip your li brush in the mixture and apply it on your lips.

Watch our whole video to discover many different and unique makeup hacks. We show you how to contour your lips using different colors of lipstick, we demonstrate a tutorial on how to achieve the perfect winged liner using thread. In addition, we demonstrate a cool way to make your own magnetic makeup storage display.
0:18 – How to contour your abs
0:55 – Rainbow eyeliner
1:51 – Lipgloss makeup palette
2:18 – DIY makeup highlighter
3:10 – Fix your dry mascara
3:29 – DIY shimmery eyeshadow palette
4:41 – How to fix broken makeup
5:16 – DIY eyeshadow stamp
5:42 – How to make your own lipgloss
6:35 – Perfect winged liner
7:13 – DIY rose pedal face mask
7:42 – How to apply makeup using a spoon
8:43 – DIY lip balm
9:13 – Magnetic makeup display
10:10 – Fuller lashes hack
10:38 – How to contour your lips

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