Saturday Surfing, January 19th, 2019

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Morning, friend.

So…movies. I’m at the point in life where it takes me three days to finish watching a movie at home. I’ll watch them in bite-sized chunks on my couch, a few minutes here and there between loads of laundry and making dinner.

Last night I finished a good one called Eighth Grade, and it only took me two days! Could this be progress?? Maybe by summer I’ll be back to actually finishing a movie in a day, ha ha!

But I digress…

I liked this one a lot. It’s fictional, but it’s very true to what I remember being an eighth grader was like. The main character, Kayla, perfectly captures the awkwardness and hopefulness I remember feeling throughout middle school.

Those years were rough, man! And can I just say bravo to the filmmakers for featuring a main character with acne and eighth graders who actually look and act like eighth graders? Even though the movie is set in 2017, it still captures how I remember feeling back then. All the memories came flooding back! — the feeling of being on the edge of something, not quite a child but not yet a teenager either.

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